Server Communication Mapping

Server Communication Mapping is crystal clear visibility of the communication of your servers.

With Server Communication Mapping you get an interactive graph database that can be used to produce the documentation needed for your team to be successful:

  • Network restructuring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Security lockdown

These are typical examples where you need to understand every detail of the communication of your systems.

Try it out now using our sample database!

What Does It Look Like?

With Server Communication Mapping you can extract and format data exactly as needed by your project. Let’s say you want to improve the isolation of your web server front-end.

Access your network graph database using a simple browser, select your web server and retrieve all client connections with a single click:

Server Communication Mapping - graph view

Your network team is now able to directly implement firewall rules to restrict  the web server access. A task that usually involves an application specialist as well as extensive log analysis can be completed in minutes by looking at the documentation generated from Server Communication Mapping.

Easy Navigation

To make it easier for you to navigate your data we use intelligent color coding. This makes it very easy to see what subnets your servers belong to and what communication types (protocols) are used.

Server Communication Mapping - color coding

As the documentation is interactive you can drill down to any level you desire and dynamically include more servers in the view as you progress.

Try our live demo now!

How Do We Do It?

These are the steps needed in order to enable your team to start navigating your network:

  1. Produce server communication log files using central networking devices or individual server logging
  2. Clean log files and prepare them for database import
  3. Import communication data into graph database

We can help you with the first step by providing instructions or hands on assistance.

We perform the second step using our proprietary log cleaning algorithms.

Based on your needs we import the final data into a hosted graph database or help you install your own if you prefer it.

What Does It Cost?

The price of Server Communication Mapping is depending on the number of servers to include and whether you want a hosted graph database or a local installation. Our prices start at € 2,000 plus VAT.

Contact Us For Further Information

We always find it interesting to learn about new use cases. If you would like to know more about Server Communication Mapping and how it might help your team to be more successful, please reach out.

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(sales and tech)
Phone: (+45) 5010 4200

(we’re based in Denmark but work with any continent)