Selected references

  • Fault Tolerant ADFS Setup Using Azure Traffic Manager or AWS Route 53

    Fault Tolerant ADFS Setup Using Azure Traffic Manager or AWS Route 53

    The client wanted to migrate an existing ADFS 2.0 setup to a new redundant ADFS setup. A design was made to span Azure and AWS with two backend ADFS servers and two frontend WAP ADFS servers, and having fault tolerance …
  • File Migration

    File Migration

    The client wanted to move several hundred gigabytes of user data from one storage solution to another. All data were accessed via DFS so several layers needed proper handling e.g. storage solution access rights, DFS access rights and DFS pointers. …
  • Migration Training

    Migration Training

    Planned and carried out training of corporate migration team. Scripts and procedures thoroughly documented and handed over during on-site training session and follow up guidance and troubleshooting. Within days the migration team carried out their first batch of migrations and …
  • Server and Application Insourcing

    Server and Application Insourcing

    As part of the clients global IT strategy an increasing number of the server and client applications were being insourced from regional IT offices to a centralized virtual platform. The central IT function was being overloaded by requests and there …
  • Domain Migrations

    Domain Migrations

    Migrated thousands of users, mailboxes, PC’s and servers as lead of enterprise migration team. Designed and tested migration procedures and worked closely with Global IT central system owners as well as Local IT. All migrations performed as “silent” meaning great …
  • DHCP and DNS – Migration and Delegation

    DHCP and DNS – Migration and Delegation

    The client was hosting DNS and DHCP services on VitalQIP but wanted to move to built-in Microsoft services. Hundreds of DHCP scopes, thousands of static DHCP records and tens of thousands of DNS records were moved transparently during a few …
  • Massive Network Consolidation

    Massive Network Consolidation

    As the result of a number of large acquisitions the client had ended up in a very complex and unmanageable network infrastructure. The starting point for this assignment was documented in what would be known internally as “the Picasso”. In …
  • Implement Common Mail Domain

    Implement Common Mail Domain