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DHCP and DNS – Migration and Delegation

The client was hosting DNS and DHCP services on VitalQIP but wanted to move to built-in Microsoft services.

Hundreds of DHCP scopes, thousands of static DHCP records and tens of thousands of DNS records were moved transparently during a few months time.

As central IT organization was limited in size a delegation model was needed for DHCP management. Microsoft DHCP does not support delegation on the IP scope level, so I built a web tool in C#/ASP.Net to allow delegation of administration on IP scope level to local/regional IT.

The web management solution ran for many years until the solution was finally migrated to a new third party management platform.

During this project I was lead on the technical side, did all data export, scripted data transformation and import and also produced communication to local IT and Helpdesk to ensure awareness of changes made.

The delegation model/web application I designed for DHCP management was based on an XML configuration file which could easily be maintained by Helpdesk.